Sunday, August 25, 2013

15 Month update:)

 This past month has gone by EXTREMELY fast and Maylee is getting bigger and bigger everyday!

Our favorite activities from this past month were probably going to the lake with some of Sam's classmates/instructors, having Grandpa Shawn visit, and going to the fair.
Maylee loved going on the boat and was such a good girl the whole time! She got to go tubing for the first time and by the end was soooo tired that she actually fell asleep in my arms!!

We loved having Shawn visit and we all got so spoiled by him.. We got to play at the park and go to the Zoo which Maylee absolutely loved!

We had so much fun at the fair in Lebanon. Maylee got to pet pigs, chickens, and goats. She played in a tub full of corn (who would have known how fun that could be). And she got to wear her cowgirl boots for the first time!

I started working again this month two days a week so Maylee has been spending a lot of time with her friend Cameron and does really well with the Sitter. She cries for about a second when I leave and by the time I come and pick her up she is having so much fun she doesn't want to go home. It was extremely hard to leave her but probably a lot harder on me then it is on her!

Maylee's 15 month check up went well. She got 3 shots : ( and had an eye exam with all good results. She has had a fever the last few days after the shots but seems to be doing better today. She has been really snuggly so there is a plus for her not feeling her best. : )

Weight: 20 lbs. 10 oz.
Height: 30 inches
She did go up in the percentiles and is now in the 10-25% for weight and 25-50% for height so she did have a little growth spurt the last few months. :)

Maylee has started to talk more and more. It is still hard to tell what she is saying but every once in awhile we will catch a word or two.
Things she says (and we can understand:)
  • one, two, three
  • ready, go
  • puppy
  • no (not my favorite thing she says)
  • mom
  • dad
  • yes
  • outside
  • bye-bye 
Maylee has started to really love to dance lately and she has some really good moves! One of our favorite shows is SYTYCD and she loves dancing with the dancers :)

Maylee also has a few new teeth she has 6 on top and 4 on the bottom with two more teeth coming in on the bottom right now. She has been a lot sadder with these teeth then she has been with the past ones coming in. The molars just don't look like fun at all to have breaking through. Other than that not too much has changed with Maylee she is still just as happy as can be and so so so much fun to be around!!