Sunday, September 7, 2014

So excited for baby boy!!!

The big news for this update is that we are having a baby boy in a few months!! We are beyond excited for this sweet little boy to join our family! Maylee loves giving baby brother kisses in my belly and now we have all felt this little boy kick and squirm. I was thinking he was a little on the lazy side but that is definitely not the case anymore and feel him quite often! My favorite is when I am cleaning patients teeth and he tries to give them a little kick in the head! :) Right now I am in my 23rd week and this pregnancy is FLYING by! We had a little fun with our family before we went to the ultrasound and had them all dress up as a boy or a girl to submit their votes of what they think the new addition will be. Here are the pictures from that.... and this is the awesome riddle Grandpa great wrote for the game. 
I am sending you this little riddle
For you to decide what’s in the middle
Is it boy or girl it’s for you to decide
And send me a picture with you inside
Is it a little princess or a tough cowboy
So dress yourself up as Cinderella or Roy
Please send me this as soon as you can
So then I can say that you also ran

As you can tell we are a little excited about having a little boy around here! We have been preparing for him in other ways too... Maylee got her "big sister" bed and is basically potty trained! We still have a few accidents here and there but she has done AMAZING! and loves being a big girl!

We have also had some family fun since the last blog post we have got to go to the Young Family Reunion in Monticello and to Lake Powell! The trip was a blast! We spent the weekend in Monticello and got to play with all our cousins and then went to Lake Powell from there and spent 4 days on Uncle Mike's houseboat! We had a Rock N Roll birthday party for Kord's 5th birthday while we were there and spent most of our time swimming! Maylee was a little fish and would scream the whole time she was in the water swimming! I was worried she would never sleep while there but every time we got on the boat she would fall asleep in someone's arms which was fun to have some snuggle time with this active little girl!! 

We have also taken a trip to Beaver to visit Sam's Grandpa for his birthday and to see some of Sam's friends from Logandale. We got to take Maylee on rides on grandpas fourwheeler and spend time with Joan, Delmar, Kaitlin, Dallon, and Grandpa. We hung out with Sam's friends at the lake and all the boys decided they could all fit in the raft together to go out swimming. Maylee loves her grandpa great and gets so excited to take trips to see family! 

The last trip we went on was with Strawberri and her kids down to St. George for Zoey's first birthday party and labor day weekend. Dad had to stay home because he was on call but us girls had a lot of fun with family! Zoey's birthday was at the Washington city pool and Maylee had so much fun! She loved the lazy river and would swim all by herself (in her vest of course) down the river and squeal the whole time! It is so fun to see her so excited about life! It just makes me enjoy everything so much more! Zoey needed some help with unwrapping her gifts and eating her smash cake so Maylee was right there to help her out :) 

This summer flew by and the leaves are already changing I can't believe how fast time is going and just want it to slow down for just a minute! But I am enjoying every minute of it! We have so much more we could update you on but this post is getting lengthy as is!So I will end with a few fun facts about Maylee...
  • She is now potty trained. It has been a few weeks and we have had less and less accidents and today a little light switch turned on and now she will tell me she has to go potty on her own. Which before I would have to ask or just make her go potty. 
  • She moved into her big girl bed this week. but she calls it her "big sister" bed. She transitioned really well but sometimes naps are a little harder and I have to lay by her until she falls asleep. 
  • She loves books and is getting really good at counting things. She can count to ten and then after that it is 11, 12, 14, 16... so fun to see how fast she is learning. 
  • She loves to sing. her favorite songs are itsy bitsy spider and the ABCs which she is getting better and better at. 
  • She loves spending time with her cousins (Alli, Saydi, and Kord) and her little friends Nora and Claire. 
  • She loves going on trips and asks all the time to go visit family. She will say "Nana's or Grandpas house... lets go!" 
  • She will play hide and seek all day long if we will play with her! 
  • Funny things Maylee says/does:
    • I do it May May self
    • She compares sizes to Mom, dad and maylee size! if its big it is definitely a daddy one! 
    • When I actually get dressed (out of sweats anyway) May will tell me nice shirt or PRETTY! 
    • When she puts on a dress or a skirt its always a "princess" dress or skirt. 
    • She loves to pretend to be kitty
    • She started singing (after Sam had said it) MayMays got the poops! and danced around the house!