Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Where did the summer go...

Summer is already over and I feel like it just started... Here is a little update on the past few months and what my 3 year old and now 9 month old are up to!


  • Started dance back in August. it is a tap and ballet combo class and she is loving it. I am so excited to be able to watch her do her first performance in December.  

  • She also started her first year at preschool at Miss Carolyn's Learning Tree. and she is already learning so much and loves going to school! Her first day of school she got in the car and I asked her how it was and she was so excited and said "it was good,.. but I didn't get a star" So I asked why she didn't get a star and she said "she wanted to play and not listen" So maybe I have a little trouble maker on my hands but at least she tattles on herself right? 

  • She got her ears pierced (they are already closed up because she lost one and I didn't notice it was out until it was too late) but she was soooo brave! I told her that it would hurt and she said that's okay I will just hold your hand and she didn't did just that. Held my hand and didn't even cry! 

  • She is still the happiest, most energetic little girl I know and is growing up so so much lately. She gets mad at me and Sam when we call her a little girl she holds up 3 fingers and says im not little anymore I am this many! or she will say I am a big sister!
Maylee quotes:
  • Maylee was not a good listener tonight so I told her she was not going to have any treats today and so after saying no to her asking for a treat she said "well can I have a pretend treat?"
  • Maylee riding her scooter "You don't have to call me maylee anymore... you can call me fastest girl"
  • "It's not nice to laugh at people so I laugh at myself.." followed by the cutest giggle.
Samson @ 9 months:

  • This little guy is on the move these days! He is crawling, standing, walking behind things.. and follows us around the house. 
  • He loves to climb the stairs and takes off for them every chance he gets.
  • He started to make a dada sound and still is saying mama or mom. 
  • He loves to be outside and play in the dirt. He loves food and will try about anything we give him. He loves dogs and tries so hard to get a hold of Jimmer. He is starting to get such a little personality and its fun to see it emerge. 
  • We just started sleep training because he is a little monster at night and wakes up ALOT so we are on day 2 of sleep training and he is already improving. 
  • He has a paci but doesn't use it very often and we are trying to not use it at all at night since that was a major reason he was waking up so often. 
  • He is still nursing every 3 hours or so during the day and usually eats 3 meals of baby food and loves having a sippy cup with water in it.
  • He can clap his hands and waves to himself. He shakes his arms and kicks his legs when he gets excited. He gives me kisses if I make a fishy face. 
  • He loves to play with his sister and always wants to do what she is doing.
  • He has 7 teeth. 4 on top and 3 on the bottom
  • He weighs 18 lbs 10 oz. and is 28.9 inches long. He is on the taller side but has started to thin out. He is only in the 20th percentile for weight and the 73rd percentile for height. 
  • He is a momma's boy and I don't mind one bit!
  • We love this kid so much and are so glad he is part of our family!

Beaver/ St. George Trip:
  • We went to Beaver for a weekend and met Grandma and Grandpa at Grandpa Greats house and got to play there and go fishing and then Daddy had to go home to work so we hitched a ride with Grandpa and Grandma to St. George to visit more family! In St. George we just played with family and got to swimming and play at the children's museum.

The only catch of the day! 

Sam was spraying off the porch with the hose and even though the water was freezing Samson couldn't resist splashing in it!

The childrens museum in St. George is always a blast! 
Maylee was having fun despite the look on her face :)

We love Nana's clubhouse and playing in the dirt... 
we even like to eat it sometimes.

Camping with friends: 
We got to go camping with some of our friends for the 24th of July there was little sleep involved but we all had a blast spending time with friends!

The girls kept going into the tent and switching outfits and coming out in different clothes. They are such good friends I love these girls!

Lake Tahoe Trip:
Sam had to go to a perfusion conference for continuing education in Lake Tahoe so we made a family trip out of it and took Grandma and Grandpa and Nana with us. We had such a blast! It was a LOOOONG drive for the 2 kids but they did awesome we just went half way the first day and finished the drive in the morning. It was really cold when we first got there so the first 2 days we tried to go hiking down to a little castle but it was too cold! but the rest of the trip was beautiful weather. 
SOO HAPPY to be out of our car and into their own!
 Emerald Bay, We wanted to hike down to the Vikingsholm Castle but it was WAY TOO cold to attempt that!

We went fishing at the Trout Farm. And Maylee loved doing it! It was a little bit of a gamble you were not allowed to throw back in your fish and had to pay for them by the inches... the prices ranged from $5 to $44 per fish. The one time we were happy with a smaller catch :)
We had a hot tub outside our cabin so we were able to make it just warm enough for the kids to swim in and they LOVED it and had to swim each day! The first day of swimming they basically had icicles coming off their noses :) good thing it warmed up outside! 

Maylee was the Seagull whisperer they would get a lot closer to her than any of us.

The Gondola at Heavenly was a Beautiful view and a fun little ride to the top of the Mountain. Dad had to be at meetings all day this day and missed out on the view.

 Getting spoiled by Grandma and Nana while mom and brother took a nap... 

 Both May's and Samson's favorite thing was probably playing in the sand we had a little picnic and played by the water. We made a little duck friend who would come up and eat out of our hands until Sam caught him then he was a little more hesitant. 

If we hiked up the rocks behind our cabin this was our view of the lake.

We had a great trip and I wouldn't mind going back again! 

We also had family pictures just taken and I love them all.. Maylee did not want to wear what I had picked out for her so to bribe her to get dressed we said she could have one outfit change for pictures and she could choose the second outfit... of course she choose her Cinderella dress. :)