Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another day in Nashville...

Wahoo 2 posts in a row... look at me go!
I promised an update after Maylee's 9 month appointment... and here it is! She is now 17 lbs. 1 oz. and 27 inches long. She is staying around the 25th percentile for her height and weight. Which is a relief because I was a little worried she had dropped down to the 5th... so good/sad news this little girl is growing and growing fast!

This week Maylee has still been cruising around the house with her Zebra walker and has started to love her little piano and "singing" into the microphone! She has a beautiful voice!

Also, now during snack time she thinks it is sooo fun to feed mom and dad instead! Unless she really likes the snack then she acts like she is going to put it on our mouth and then last minute she puts it in hers and giggles. She is gaining such a personality!!

She has started to eat more and more solid foods instead of her baby food. She has started to eat cheese, green beans, and chicken this week. And most days prefers to feed herself so dinner time seems to drag on some nights!

And she has become a professional at drinking through a straw and has a new favorite sippy cup...

Today we went to the library to read and Maylee had fun picking out books by herself... She even brought one over to me to read to her! Seriously she is a doll...

To end this weeks post here is a few of our new favorite Maylee pictures... she just melts our hearts! We are very, very, very lucky parents to have this cutie as our daughter!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's about time for an update...

Wow we were not very good about keeping up with this blogging thing... our last post was May 2010.. OOPS! But I got a request from my sister-in-law Ashley to start up my blog again so she can keep up with everything that Maylee is doing so here goes my second attempt at starting a blog, we will see how it goes! So things that have happened since that last post in 2010 - We got a new puppy named Jimmer (our last puppy had a hole in his heart and didn't live much longer than that last post.) - I graduated from Utah College of Dental Hygiene - Samuel graduated from BYU - We moved to St. George and now live in Nashville while Sam is attending Vanderbilt - We had a BEAUTIFUL little girl last May and that is the main reason for starting this blog up again... who doesn't want to hear more about her!!
Maylee is now 9 months old... Crazy how fast the past 9 months have gone and how much this little girl has learned! I wish I could update you on everything she has done the past 9 months but lets just start with what she is up to currently! Maylee is an expert crawler she started officially crawling and not scooting on Christmas day... She wanted to show off for all her aunts and uncles I am pretty sure! So she is now everywhere all the time! She keeps me busy and I LOVE it!
Just this past week Maylee has started to walk with her walker and she LOVES it! Seriously the first thing she does when I put her down in the living room in the morning is go over to her zebra walker and starts cruising around the living room! It is a little scary for mom when she gets it on the hard wood floor and the zebra goes a little faster then she can keep up! :/
Another one of Maylee's favorite things to do is play with her puppy Jimmer (even though this may not be his favorite part of the day). She is amazed by him and loves to follow him around the house. She has just recently figured out that he likes to play fetch and so she tries to throw his toys for him... the toy never makes it very far so Jimmer doesn't quite get what she is doing! She also has figured out that Jimmer likes to be fed so if she is done with her snacks she now holds them out for him... If this keeps up Jimmer will be the one following her around!
She has started to stand without holding on to anything but I can't post a picture of this because she only lasts a few seconds before falling down... so maybe in the next few weeks she will make it long enough for me to snap a picture! Maylee is starting to get to the age where she loves interacting with other babies and can now actually play when she is around them.. we try to get together with a few other babies in our ward here every week and Maylee loves it! Here are a few pictures of her with her cute friends!
We just had Maylee's first Valentines day and I had fun getting her all dressed up in Pink for the day! She was just the cutest little Valentine!
She is obsessed with my chapsticks so her daddy got her her very own princess chapstick for Valentines day and she carried it around all day (mostly in her mouth)!
It has been pretty chilly most days so we haven't been able to play outside much but when we do have the warm days we take advantage of it and Maylee does enjoy playing at the park! Here is a few pictures of Maylee playing with her mom and dad at the park a few weeks ago! She mostly likes standing at the end of the slide and pounding on it!
There really is so much to tell you about this little cutie but this is just going to have to do for now! We have her 9 month check-up tomorrow so I will have to do another update really soon! Sorry for such a long post :) I really am obsessed with this girl and have loved every minute of being her mommy!