Monday, April 20, 2015

Babies, babies, babies

The past few months have flown by and I failed to do a 2 month and 3 month update on Mr. Samson. But he is doing well and we have had a lot of fun the last little bit with a trip down to Logandale during the Clark County Fair where we were able to bless Samson and meet two new additions to the Leatham family! We also got to celebrate another baby on the way (Lindsey and Logans baby girl)! 
We have just been so blessed with babies the past few months! It was so fun to see the family and look at how much babies can change within a month! Samson has two boy cousins that were born since his birthday and each of them are about a month apart! They are going to be trouble when we all get together in the future! I wish I would have got a picture of them all together but we did get a few wiggly pictures...

Samson and Scott at the Rodeo

Samson and Zane
 (back in February I didn't get a new one this trip)

 Along with getting to meet the new additions to the family we got to have most of our family there for Samson's baby blessing. We did it at Grandpa and Grandma Leatham's house and it was really special being all together. We did a little program where my dad played the guitar as we sang I am a Child of God and we had both Nana and Grandma give the opening and closing prayers and Delmar gave a little devotional on the importance of a name and then Samuel gave our little guy the most perfect blessing!

Our little guy sure looked handsome and now he is officially Samson D Leatham :)

After the blessing we got to go to the rodeo and watch Uncle Mica rope! Maylee was so excited to go to the rodeo and be a "cowgirl" She was so funny when her Grandpa Paul put on his cowboy hat and boots she looked at him and said "you look like a real cowboy!"
She was in pure heaven having so much family all around for a week I am pretty sure she would have never came home if she had the choice! She played all week with her cousins at the fair and in the dirt in Grandma's backyard and then spent the weekend with my side of the family in St. George. Here are a few pictures from the week...

After all the fun was done at Clark County Fair we still had a baby shower to throw in honor of the next little cousin on the way in June! Its theme was "Once upon a time" and was a book shower. It was so fun to make brunch that morning with my mom and Ashley, even though it could have turned into a complete disaster after we had one waffle iron smoke us out of the house and the other stop working it all ended up working out just in time :) and it was fun to be with more family! 

And here is a little update on the kiddos...

  • At his last check up (2 1/2 months) weighed almost 15 lbs and 24.6 inches long
  • Rolls over stomach to back even though he has chosen not to lately
  • Can scoot pretty far for how little he is
  • Smiles a lot especially at new faces 
  • Giggled for the first time this past week
  • Wears 6 month clothes/ size 2 diapers (He has some rolls but really he is just a big boy, gettting so long and heavy)
  •  He loves his sister and seems to enjoy her craziness now
  • Nurses still every 2 hours during the day and will sometimes go 5 to 7 hours at night and those nights are amazing!
  • Is becoming a huge momma's boy.... or anyone that will hold him and not put him down! 
  • Still just as cute as can be!! 
  • Gets funnier and funnier everyday and has a bigger imagination every day as well
  • Loves playing in the dirt but is also so scared of bugs 
  • Has more energy than both mom and dad combined
  • Naps occasionally 
  • No longer has a paci and I potty trained herself at night. I wanted her to use pull ups for bed so I didnt have to deal with wet sheets in the middle of the night but one day refused and only has had 2 accidents at night since
  • Loves her brother and won't let us tease him at all.... she will be a protective older sister for sure. 
  • Loves to play school and is so excited about actually getting to start in the fall 
  • While driving to Logandale Sam helped Maylee pee outside for the first time since there was no potty around and so today I walk out in our front yard to find her with her pants down and soaking wet. she looks at me and says I tried to pee in the grass... I need daddys help
  • Maylee and her dads conversation the other day at dinner... 
    • Maylee: "I'm tooting"
    • Sam: (thinks he hears) "Yes you are chewing"
    • Maylee: "No.... (thinks about it) you know when your bum makes noise"
    • Sam: "Ooohh... you're tooting"