Sunday, July 19, 2015

It's update time!

Again I am late on the 6 month post and just skipped the 5 month post all together. but with good excuse this time... we have been BUSY! and we are now all settled in our new HOME! That's right we are home owners and are loving it! We will have to post pictures of the new place but I am kind of waiting to finish decorating the inside before we do that! The best part of the home is probably the HUGE backyard! Maylee is loving it... it is kids paradise. She has a treehouse, trampoline, tons of space to run, a sandbox, and she even has 4 of her own chickens! We love the new area even though we are 10 minutes to downtown just being around the mountain makes it feel like we aren't in the city. On top of moving into a new home, We have also been having a lot of fun with it being summer. We have been swimming, to Lagoon, Leatham family reunion, went to Seven Peaks, on Nana's boat, visited family down south, met a new BEAUTIFUL baby cousin, camping. to the zoo, 4th of July fun and so much more! Here are some pictures of our adventures this past few months and then I will give a little update on what both kiddos are up to these days!

(Super beautiful new cousin right?) 
We were so excited to meet Miss Lexi and could hardly stand it! We were talking about going to visit them and I had this cute conversation with May bug! 
Me: May would you like to go meet Lexi this weekend?
May: Baby Lexi Klaire? 
Me: Yeah Uncle Gogos and Aunt Lindseys new baby
May: And Jaggers baby too! 
(Jagger is their dog :))

UGH this post is going to everywhere but I just realized I have not even posted about Maylee's 3rd birthday... back in May!
was probably the best birthday yet and that is probably because she was SOOO excited this year! SO if you know May bug you know she is obsessed with the color pink and her favorite book for a little while was the book "Pink me up" where a little bunny takes her dad to a PINK-nic because her mom was sick and has to dress him in ALL PINK! so we decided we wanted to do a PINK-nic for Maylee this year but it ended up being an inside picnic due to weather. Jayson and Straw were nice enough to let us have it at their house so their kids were there, two of May's best friends and Grandpa Paul came! It was a girly girl party everyone wore pink and we played dress up, made necklaces, danced, ate cake and had lunch. May was in heaven the entire day. She woke up and we had decorated the house and she got to open gifts which she was super spoiled but that is not a new thing! and then we had her party then came home and played with her new toys and then took her out to eat and back home. it was non-stop fun all day and it didn't end there for May because Nana drove up that night and took Maylee to Lagoon the next day for her birthday!  Which she went from 11 to 6 non stop riding the rides with no lines... Nana was a trooper!
Here are pictures from her 3rd birthday!

And a little update on what the kiddos are up to this month!

  • 6 1/2 months old
  • He is always up on all 4s and is sooo close to crawling
  • Can sit up like a champ
  • Can scoot and roll to where he wants to go
  • Not the best sleeper yet...
  • Loves water and playing in the sandbox
  • Loves jumping on the trampoline even though it means instant spit up
  • Loves his sister but is a little sensitive when she is in his space
  • Does not like long car rides... at all!
  • Loves new people but is starting to be a momma's boy
  • Can say mama and bababa (No dada yet... sorry Sam)
  • Loves most foods. Peas are not his favorite 
  • Is one sweet little guy that I cannot get enough of!
  • 3 years old
  • Loves to have adventures and play pretend
  • Loves to swim (and thinks she can by herself... thank goodness for floaties)
  • Loves to play in the sand or outside
  • Loves princesses and dressing up
  • Starts dance classes and preschool at the end of the summer and is Super excited about both!
  • Can get a little sassy but is usually our little helper
  • Loves going on trips to see family
  • Loves being a big sister and taking care of her brother... I thought he would be old news by now but she is always so excited to see him!
  • She took a little art class last month and this month is taking a sports class. She loves having a teacher and something to go do a few times a week. 
  • She is just excited about life and there is never a dull moment with this girl!