Sunday, July 21, 2013

Maylee's 14 Month update :)

Maylee is now 14 months and 5 days old :) Her personality is starting to show more and more everyday and it is soo much fun! 
Our little chalk monster!

Her favorite things:
  • Feeding Jimmer treats (don't know how he is so skinny still)
  • Basically anything to do with Jimmer :)
  • She loves coloring and thinks its more fun to color the floor and walls more than the paper 
  • She loves Standing up on EVERYTHING... such a dare devil!
  • She loves getting the mail. We are not allowed to walk past the mail boxes without spending at least 5 minutes there checking all the mailboxes!
  • She loves to bring us books and sitting in our lap. She doesn't sit there for us to read the book but its a step closer to reading :)
  • She loves having the kids I babysit come over! Everytime they get out of the car Maylee squeals!
  • Her favorite song is If you're happy and you know it and will start clapping when the song comes on before the words even start!
  • She loves giving high fives!
  • She has started to blow kisses.
  • She loves to make Indian noises. 
  • She is starting to like being in the pool more and more... She loves running around the pool but the pool has been pretty cold up until now so she hasn't loved getting in!

  • She is a social laugher. If anyone laughs Maylee is sure to join in! 
  • She loves doing crafts and going to babies and books at the library
  • She loves attention and always makes sure you are paying attention to her
  • She loves her bunny lovey and HAS to have it to sleep! 
  • She loves feeding herself and is starting to try and use utensils... meals are getting a lot longer and A LOT messier :)

Words (we think) she has said:
  • Ball
  • Outside
  • Shoes 
  • Dog
  • Jimmer (well she has a name for him but it doesn't sound like Jimmer)
  • Moo (her only animal noise she will make)
  • Mommy
  • Daddy
  • And now she will carry on conversations with you even though it is just rambling it is so cute!
This past month has been a lot of fun we had Sam's older brother Paul and his family visit at the end of June. We toured downtown nashville with them, went to the lake, played at the pool, went to the splash pad and just played at the house with them while they were here. Here are some pictures from that visit!

We also celebrated the fourth of July this month... it was rainy all day long so all the parades were cancelled so we decided to decorate our own float and have a Leatham parade at home!

Another holiday we just had to celebrate was cow appreciation day at chick fil a :) Free dinner to dress up as a cow... of course we had to! Maylee doesn't look like she liked being a cow but she really does love her chick fil a!