Thursday, November 6, 2014

The big sister and our October festivities

Maylee is getting more and more excited to be a big sister everyday as we get ready for baby brother to get here! She wakes up every morning and crawls in bed with me and the first thing she does every morning is say hi baby brother to my belly and gives him a kiss. And then for the rest of the morning I am not allowed to cover up baby brother or she will tell me to uncover him! She asks all the time if he can come out and play yet. Which we always respond not until after Christmas... It is so sweet seeing her so excited to become a big sister! She seems to understand what is going on and what is about to happen. If we ask her what baby brother will do when he is born she usually responds he can't walk or talk... and that when he cries she will give him a "papafier". She loves to help me at my Dr appointments and gets to use the doppler to listen to baby brother heartbeat and her own. I love that the nurses are so good to involve her in every appointment! So far the pregnancy is going well. I am definitely starting to feel ready to have this little boy. This pregnancy has been different then Maylee's. Easier at the beginning and I would say more uncomfortable towards the end. I have a lot more back pain and now I am having frequent braxton hicks and I didn't have any with Maylee. Hopefully that doesn't mean he wants to come early :)

This month has been a busy one. One of the most special weekends was when we got together with Sam's family for baby Evan's sealing to his family in St. George and then the sisters and kids headed to Logandale and the brothers all went deer hunting. Unfortunately Sam did not get a deer this year... he saw a few smaller bucks but nothing that he wanted. But the girls and grandbabies had a blast and Grandma's house in Logandale. It was fun to be in the warmth again and Maylee had a little too much fun staying up late everyday and playing with all her grandma cousins and aunts. I am pretty sure she barely knew I was around :)

We had a really fun Halloween. My mom and sister-in-law Ashley came to visit and we were busy doing crafts all weekend. It was so fun to have some girl time and then had a blast dressing up for a Halloween party at Strawberri's and Jayson's where everybody joined in on our Toy Story Halloween theme and we all looked AWESOME! Maylee had so much fun Trick or Treating. I loved watching her excitement as she would run door to door. And I loved watching Straw's kids help her out while trick or treating. Kordi would grab the bowl of candy for her and bring it lower so she could reach the candy and the girls loved taking her trunk or treating a few nights before Halloween. After Maylee had gone to every car giving out candy she started running from car to car in the parking lot looking for more cars giving out candy. She was the cutest little girl woody ever!! 

  October was an especially crazy month. Sam had his boards and so the beginning of the month was all dedicated to studying for that and then when he was done we tried to squeeze in all of the fun October festivities and now that we are in November it has finally all slowed down just in time for it to get busy again with all of the holiday fun! Which I am so excited for! time is going to fly and before we know it there will be a baby boy in this house :) 

Maylee is growing up so fast and I don't think I can even tell you how much she has changed in the past two months. She is such a sweet heart and seems so grown up lately. The only thing that makes me think she is still kinda my little baby is when she snuggles up to me with her bunny and "papa" (pacifier). Which I may even be a little hesitant to give up now that she is growing up so fast! Her favorite things right now are:
  • Play-doh: we have to play playdoh at least once a day sometimes more.
  • Cutting with her scissors (this gets a little messy and I will find scraps of paper all over the house but if it keeps her entertained for a half hour i love it too!
  • Playing babies: She loves to pretend to be our baby or have one of us pretend to be the baby. She sucks on my arm and says she is getting milk and then I have to burp her and put her in baby brothers crib. 
  • Playing fair: We thought she was just telling us to play fair but really that is the name of a game to her.... more commonly known as swords. She runs and grabs our tennis rackets and then we hit each others tennis rackets. 
  • Hide and seek: my favorite part of hide and seek is when she runs around the house yelling "where you are?" 
  • She loves to ask questions now and it is so fun to see her vocabulary expanding. I don't know if there is any words this little girl doesn't say! She is a little smarty pants!