Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Update on our kiddos... one month and 32 month old :)

(back on January 28th)

Our little man:
Loves being snuggled and nursing. 
He eats every 2 hours almost all day and all night.. sometimes momma is
lucky and she gets a 3 or 4 hour stretch.
He loves to lay on the ground on his belly. 
He is starting to smile. 
He is in 3 month clothes and is starting to get chunkier.
He has had a few outings but mostly we like to keep him at home.
He has had his first bath and loves being in the water!
His sister loves him (maybe a little too much sometimes)
He is starting to be awake more during the day and sleep sounder at night. 
Even though he isn't up to much yet he has completely stolen all of our hearts! He is beyond sweet and we just can't get enough of this little guy!


She has been so in love with her little brother this last month.
She gets into a little more mischief now that mom is distracted with baby brother.
She has the BIGGEST imagination 
She has gymnastics once a week and LOVES it! 
She is a teachers pet in both gymnastics and nursery... this girl can't wait to start school! 
She got her nails done for the first time this month and kept asking me if we could do it again because she is a big girl now.
She no longer has a Pacifier.... and no longer naps :( but we are working on that.
Her tantrums are WAY more dramatic now. and She is a little bit sassy (its hard not to laugh)

Funny things she has said:
"Maylee why did you take off your shoes?" "I want them off because I want to be naked!"
"Where would you like to go for lunch?" "E I E I O's" (which means mcdonalds of course!)
And "Barbys" is Arbys
"Oh My!" (her new expression when something is just not right)
First night without her Paci: "Let's go get my Paci from fairyland" Me: Maylee I can't because I can't fly.... Maylee: "I will make you wings.... (thinks for a little bit) No lets get my binoculars and find a pink plane to fly there"

Samuel also turned 28 This month and we loved celebrating him!!