Friday, July 18, 2014

Time for another update...

So many changes since last post! We now have a two year old plus a few months, Sam Graduated from Vandy, We took a family vacation to Gatlinburg, We moved to SLC, Sam is working at the University of Utah hospital, I am 16 weeks pregnant with baby #2, and summer is FLYING by! First off we are BEYOND excited for baby #2 to join our family on Jan. 2nd, 2015. We found out we were expecting on Maylee's 2nd birthday so it was a fun little surprise for her birthday that she is going to be a BIG SISTER! Which she loves to say but I don't think she knows exactly what that means because it is usually followed with that she has a baby in her belly. I have not been very sick with this pregnancy. I didn't feel 100% those first few weeks and my tummy was always a little nauseous but I thought it was due to the stress of Sam graduating/us moving across the country to start a new adventure. But overall, this pregnancy is a breeze compared to what I felt with Maylee. I am always really tired but that is even starting to get less and less now that I am in my 2nd trimester. We have had an ultrasound to see how far along I am and we are already in love with the little guy/girl.
Sam is convinced we are having another girl but I am leaning towards boy since I haven't been nearly as sick. But Sam was right last time so time will tell if he is right again! We would be thrilled with either and can't wait to find out! Here is a picture of how we announced this pregnancy.

We will have to go back in time just a bit and catch up on what we did before we left Nashville. Maylee turned 2 and we had a fun day playing as a family. And threw her a little birthday party the next week along with her cousin DW who was turning two the next month.
Sam also graduated from Vandy that same weekend and so we had all of our family in town for that to support him! It was so fun to be with everyone and I am so proud of Sam! Top student award and definitely deserved it! :)
The next week we spent in Gatlinburg, TN with most of Sam's family in a cabin. It was beautiful and so much fun to be with family! We did some hiking, touring Gatlinburg, swimming, and played lots and lots of games together.


We then moved into a townhouse in Millcreek area which has been really nice so far. We love the area and Sam is really close to work which we love. We definitely miss our Nashville friends and Nashville in general but we are adjusting well and having a great summer. What we love most about being in SLC is that we have had family visit us A LOT more than they were able to in Nashville. And we love being close to some cousins... Maylee is in love with Jayson and Strawberri's kids and talks about "Saydi, Alli, and Kordi" all the time! Here are some pictures of family visiting and getting to play with those cousins....

Here is a little bit about what Miss Maylee has liked to do this summer and what she has been up to..
  • She loves loves loves swimming and becoming pretty brave going on BIG slides and jumping off the diving board.
She loves to go to the library and read books or just read books at home... She is our little book worm and could do it for hours. I love that she has some of the books memorized and will read them to me or one of her baby dolls.

  • She loved the fourth of July and throwing pop its (or stepping on them) and doing Sparklers.

  • She loves Minnie Mouse and every morning she comes running into my room with all her stuffed animals/blankies to snuggle in bed and watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my phone (which I don't mind because I just go back to sleep and I get to snuggle with my favorite girl)
  • She loves going to the park and going on her swing in the backyard. Grandma got her a swing for her birthday and she loves to go high!
  • She loves to play dressups and be a princess which is absolutely adorable! She loves to play outside in the dirt but she is definitely our little girl!

  • I could keep going and going but overall she is one of the happiest and sweetest little girls I know! She loves to give kisses and hugs to everyone. She loves to take care of her babies and help mom whenever she can. She is such a wonderful little girl and has so much personality! I can't wait to see her continue to grow!