Sunday, September 15, 2013

Monthly update... She is 16 months old now :)

Not much has changed with Maylee this past month... Grandma and Grandpa Leatham coming to visit us and Maylee getting hand, foot, and mouth disease are the highlights of this past month :)
Let's start with the things we were able to do while we had family in town!

Grandma and Grandpa got to come visit for a whole week and Maylee absolutely loved having them here! She was so spoiled the entire time! Every night Grandpa made sure she got some pudding and Grandma took her outside whenever she wanted to go!
We got to go swimming, go to the nature center,  go to the aquarium in Chattanooga and also Ruby Falls! We also finally ate at "loveless cafe" and the biscuits were NOT exaggerated! SO GOOD!
Here are a few pictures from their visit...

Maylee had so much fun at the Aquarium she LOVED watching all of the fish and loved chasing the butterflies! But most of all she probably loved splashing the water where we could touch the sting rays.. so easy to please! She fell asleep the moment we got into the car to go to Ruby Falls and slept in my arms part of the way on the walk down into the caves (she was so exhausted but had so much fun)!

Maylee started saying Grandpa and Grandma while they were here. She is starting to recognize and remember family members now so we didn't have to go through her warming up to them  phase  this trip and she was just fine if I left... in fact when I left her to go to work she was busy playing with grandma and just told me "bye mom!"
Also, while we had grandma and grandpa in town me and Sam were able to go on not one but TWO dates! We went and saw "The Way Way Back" and also got to go the Bluebird Cafe (which has been on my to do list since we have been here!!)

We had too much fun with Grandma and Grandpa and it was so sad to see them leave... Christmas just can't come fast enough! 

Now for the not so fun part of our month... Maylee has been super sad the last few days! Poor girl is getting 4 new teeth (3 canines and her last molar) and also got hand, foot, and mouth disease. It has been passed around our ward the last month and now it is Maylee's turn.. She started with just a few dots around her mouth at the beginning of the week and didn't seem too abnormal so i was hoping that was all it was going to be but she was not so lucky.  She got  a fever yesterday and then the rashes started on both arms her legs/feet and her bum. She has only a few sores so far on her hands and inside her mouth but I don't think we on the down slope quite yet. She hasn't been able to sleep well and seems to be in a lot of pain from her teeth! Hopefully those teeth will break through all the way soon and we can get through this sickness in the next few days without anyone else catching it!!

Fun facts about Maylee:
  • She says "more" constantly 
  • She loves playing with our car alarm on our keys and will set off the alarm, say uh-oh, and then run
  • She has gotten pretty good with utensils while eating
  • She loves to find her belly button and also ours! and then she tries to give us raspberries like we do to her :)
  • She is still so in love with Jimmer and is learning how to be soft with him but he still doesn't trust her. 
  • She loves to dance and spin around in circles
  • Whenever we go outside at our apartments her new favorite spot is the laundry room so she always heads straight there... I guess the mailboxes got a little boring.
  • She loves looking into the sky and pointing at birds, planes, or helicopters 
  • She is becoming more and more independent and wants to do EVERYTHING by herself
  • She loves trying to put on her clothes and shoes (such a girl)
  • She loves to be outside and would spend all day outside if she could.