Saturday, November 16, 2013

17 and 18 month update :) :) :)

 Ahhhhhhhhh our baby is 18 months old today!! She can officially go to nursery now.... She has been going with me since I teach one of the classes but now she is official! We got a little busy and skipped her 17 month update so I will catch you up on the past 2 months. Maylee has grown up a lot and WAY too fast! She has such a personality now and is able to communicate pretty well with us! She doesn't just grunt and point at things she wants now :)

(a few pictures from family pictures this year. Done by Embody Photography)

We have had a busy few months since our last update when Grandma and Grandpa Leatham got to come visit. In October we had my mom visit and my dad visit! Here are a few pictures from their visit and also our Halloween pictures. We decided to be the Peter Pan gang. Sam- Peter Pan, Me- Wendy, Maylee- Tinker Bell, Nana- Tiger Lily, Grandpa- Captain Hook.

When Grandpa was here we carved pumpkins, went to our ward Halloween party, and went to the Zoo and Discovery Center... Maylee had such a blast with Grandpa and was a little grandpa's girl the whole time he was here visiting.

While Nana was here we went trick or treating at the mall, went hiking (more like a walk), went to the nature center, and went to the zoo (we really like the zoo!) It was so much fun to have my momma here and Maylee was sad to see her go home and whenever we facetime with her Maylee will now yell "NANA!"

A few more pictures of our trip to the zoo with daddy....

Now for a little bit about what Maylee likes to do these days... 
She ABSOLUTELY loves babies and everything to do with babies.. she loves pretending to change their diapers, feed them, sing them rock a bye baby, and put them to sleep. If we see any baby in public she starts to yell baby, baby!! She is such a little mommy already! Santa will probably be bringing her a stroller and more baby stuff for Christmas this year ;). She even pretends to wipe the baby while changing her diaper. She now will come up with wipes and try to change other babies diapers. There was a little boy sitting in front of us at church one week and she walked up behind him with a baby wipe and lifted up his shirt and wiped his back... so funny!

She also loves to pretend to cook in her kitchen. I gave her a bowl of cooked speghetti one night while I was cooking thinking she would like to play with it. Next thing I know she has it in her own kitchen cooking up a storm! She also loves to grab potatoes from the kitchen cupboard and pretend to cook with those! If I am ever missing anything in the kitchen I know just where to look :)
She also loves to color, paint, and especially use markers and is quite the little artist these days.

She spends a few days a week with my friends little boy either at our house or theirs and she LOVES him! They play so well together and whenever I say Cam is coming over she runs to the window to look for him. And she really doesn't mind me going to work anymore and when I drop her off at his house she just gives me a kiss and starts to play. 

Other things she really enjoys doing is building towers (and has gotten really good with her legos), reading books (she loves to have someone ask her where things are in the pictures and her point them out), singing (she has started to sing a few different songs so sweet), taking baths (she could sit in the tub for a half hour each night playing with different toys. She loves loves loves when we put bubbles in the bath for her), making animal noises (her favorite noises to make are probably elephant, bee, gorilla, and cat), dancing (she is an excellent dancer), jumping on the bed with daddy (she loves to jump up and land on her bum. Daddy calls them her butt slams), and going for walks looking for the kitties in the apartment complex (she loves saying here kitty kitty kitty, and so wishes one would let her get close enough to touch!)

Fun Facts about Maylee: 
  • Weight:22.7 lbs.
  • Height: 32.25 inches
  • Favorite foods: breakfast- chocolate chips pancakes and bacon, lunch- peanut butter and honey sandwiches, dinner-  Spaghetti. She also really loves blueberries, peas, broccoli,  and the pouches of baby food still. Dessert- Chocolate pudding.
  • Favorite songs: ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Rock a bye baby, Itsy Bitsy Spider, If you're happy and you know it
  • Words she can say: any animal sound, please, thank you, bye bye, water "wa wa", Amen, Cam, Hi, Daddy, Momma, Jimmer, Elmo, puppy, cat, Banana "nana", Blueberries "BBs", Ball, truck, WOAH, no, mine (not moms favorite two words), yes "UH UH", etc.
  • She loves Elmo and we usually watch elmo on my phone before bed and if we skip that she will point to the rocking chair until we let her watch something with us. 
  • Favorite book: Good Night Gorilla, or her scrapbook
  • Favorite day: Saturday because Daddy is home :)
  • Bedtime: between 7 and 8 and will usually sleep until after 7 in the morning. except when momma works. 
  • She loves her paci and needs it the majority of the day, she also has to have her bunny blanky for naptime and bedtime or whenever she is sad or not feeling well.
  • She loves to help out around the house she loves to help with dishes and loads/unloads the dishwasher. 
  • She is such a girl and loves to try and put on clothes and shoes. but doesn't like any jewelry on her or anything on her head.
  • She loves to play with stickers.
  • She knows a lot of her body parts. (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, belly, hands, feet, etc.)
  • She is still such a mommy/daddy's girl but warms up to people a lot faster than she used to and loves other kids! 
  • She has a lot of energy and loves to play at the park.
  • She loves going to the library and checking out books and going to storytimes. 
  • Basically she is just amazing and super smart and super cute! (we may be a little biased though :))