Saturday, February 15, 2014

21 month update!

I have skipped a few months so I don't think I will be able to catch up on everything Maylee has been up to but I will do an update on what this little girl is doing now!

  • She is an amazing chef! She absolutely LOVES to help us cook! and she is very cautious in the kitchen always telling us the stove is hot! She also comes up with some really tasty looking dishes!

  •  She is a really good mommy! She is still so in love with babies and loves to feed them, take them for walks in her stroller, sing songs to them, read books to them, but mostly she loves to change their diapers!

I heard her gagging in her room and I came in to the room to see her changing her babies diaper gagging and saying... "baby stinky!" 
  •  She is very independent and likes to do things herself. She likes to carry all of her own things when we go somewhere... she peels her own oranges... she wishes she could change her own diaper... she likes to pick out her own snacks (even if it is exactly what you got out for her)...  she also wants to be able to dress herself (She doesn't quite have this down yet)

  • Her best friend is still Cam! and now when she hears someone at the door she yells Cam and runs to the window. She is still going over to his house 2x a week while I work and he usually comes over to our house once a week.

  •  She loves to pretend to sleep! She likes me to cover her with a blanket and then she will lay there and snore!

  • She loves to play hide and seek.

  •  She loves to take care of her daddy.
  • and her toys... (even if that means throwing them first so she can take care of them later) "you okay dada??"

  • She loves snuggling and watching movies now... which I don't mind at all!
    • Her favorite movies are probably Despicable Me and Tangled
    • Her favorite shows are Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
    • She went to her first movie in the theaters and it was Frozen which she absolutely LOVED! She almost made it through the whole movie but towards the end we had to climb around while we watched the show. Now she has to watch the music video of Let It Go daily on YouTube. 
That is all for our 21 month update on Maylee and will hopefully be updating again soon with updates on where we will be heading in May after Sam is done with school!! The anticipation is killing me so hopefully we know soon :)

Christmas 2013.... better late than never! :)

I am a little behind in my posts but here is a post about our Christmas!

We got to spend two weeks in Utah/ Nevada and was able to get the whole family together on both sides! It was GREAT! We even got to take family pictures with my family and with Sam's family! And they turned out better than expected! Maylee was not very cooperative and by the time we were taking family pictures with my family she had already made up her mind that she didn't like getting family pictures taken! :)

This was Maylee's 2nd Christmas and this year we spent it with the Leatham side of the family! This was also Maylee's first time getting the flu... and it was sadly not just her that got it but basically the entire Leatham family (and then we passed it along to a few people in my family too!) All of the babies got sick at the same time and all of the daddy's got sick a few nights later! It was really sad seeing her that sick and it took her a good 4 days to recover and able to keep anything down! But besides being sick it was really nice to all be together! Maylee loved being with her cousins and it was fun to see them getting to an age where they can actually play together!

After our visit to Logandale we went to St. George to visit with my family! and again it was nice because we were all able to get together! And we finally got to meet little miss Zoey! Maylee was so in love with her! She kissed on her a lot! and after we went home every baby was baby Zoey! : ) And another person she was quite in love with was Grandpa Great! She would get so excited every morning when he got up... so sweet!

After St. George we spent New Year's Eve in Vegas at Logan and Lindsey's new house and then the next day had to fly back to Tennessee! The trip of course went by WAY too quickly but the family time was definitely overdue!