Wednesday, June 19, 2013

13 months old and vacation time!

Maylee is now 13 months old.... and this last month went by so so fast! Me and Maylee took a trip back to Utah and Nevada to visit family for a week and a half and had a BLAST! We missed Sam while we were away but it was so nice to see family!
While we were in Utah we threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law Ashley and her soon to be little girl Zoey. We had a brunch and played games.... it was a small shower but so nice to be with family! Here are a few pictures from that.
 We tried to guess how big Ashley's baby bump is.... Mom was just a little off! But Lindsey got pretty close to being right on the dot!

Maylee loved playing and snuggling with her Aunts and Uncles....

And spent a lot of time playing in water since it was always over a 100 degrees while we were there!

We even got to see one of our Nashville friends that had just moved to St. George a month before.... At least they moved somewhere were we will be visiting a lot :)

After our visit to St. George we got to go spend time at Grandma and Grandpas house in Logandale... Maylee had so much fun playing outside with the ducks and horses. She even got to pick tomatoes at a friends garden and get in a tractor! She was one busy girl!

She had a lot of fun with all of the different puppies that she got to meet but especially Copper. She tried to wrap him in a blanket and give him a bottle. : ) Such a silly girl! She was a little sad when she got home and Jimmer still won't let her get too close!

We had such a blast playing with so much family while we were there it was hard to go home! I was nervous about doing all the flying with Maylee by myself but overall she was GREAT! She was pretty wiggly on our first flight home but slept the entire time on our second flight which was a nice surprise since she hates sleeping in my arms! I guess we wore her out...