Sunday, May 4, 2014

We almost have a TWO year old!!

SOOOO this month is going to be CRAZY w/ Sam graduating, Maylee turning two, family vacation, and moving to SLC I doubt I will find time to write a blog post for her 2nd birthday so we will do it a little early!

Maylee has been the greatest blessing in both mine and Sam's life. Terrible twos have not started yet and honestly I don't see it happening in the near future either. She is such a sweet little girl. Yes she does throw an occasional tantrum when she is tired or doesn't get what she wants but what kid doesn't! She is so much fun and gets funner every day! She is talking up a storm now and can say just about anything... Here is a list of her favorite things now/ fun stories:

  • Playing hide N seek. We usually hide from Jimmer under a blanket and let him find us. 
  • Changing her baby dolls diapers and putting them to sleep. (she even sings them the ABC's (her version anyway) or reads them a book before she lays them down.) 
  • Going to the park. She loves the swings and always wants to go high! too bad mom will only let her go so high...
  • Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! OOOHHH TTTOOOODDDLLEEESS!! Our trip to Utah last week to go to Kritis wedding and find an apartment Nana decided to throw May an early Minnie Mouse birthday party and it was a huge hit with this girl! She loved the attention and got to blow out her first candle!

  • Singing Let it go and playing with her princess Anna and Elsa dolls
  • She loves to color and do puzzles! She is getting a lot better at both it is so fun to watch all her little improvements everyday! 
  • Dancing (at her Aunt Kristi's wedding she danced the majority of the time with a little boy a few years older than her and asked everyone in the family to dance) My favorite part was when she asked Grandpa Great to dance with her. He is one of her favorite people and lights up every time she sees him!

  • Her favorite movies are Monsters Inc. and Frozen, she loves to sing the songs in Frozen and pretend to be a Monster! "MayMay a Monster RARRR!"
  • She loves playing sleeping animals while in the car... This one she got from nursery but all you do is pick different animals to be and then I will say "baby cow go to sleep" she will snore for a minute, then I say "baby cow wake up!" and she will yell AWAKE! So simple but whatever keeps her entertained :)
  • She loved going Easter egg hunting this year. We practiced the morning before the hunt and she knew exactly what to do during the hunt! She had so much fun running around with different kids from our ward! 

  • She loves to boss Jimmer around! Lately he has had a few accidents in the house while we were away at work and so I would get after him about pooping in the house... well Maylee is definitely the Jimmer poop police now and no matter where he goes (even if it is outside) she will let him have it! "JIMMER NO, NO POOP!" Good thing Jimmer hasn't really caught on that she is getting after him! 
  • She also got after me the other day. I accidentally marked the carpet with some marker while coloring with her... I even got a spanking! (I promise she doesn't get spanked very often, at all!)
  • She loves to repeat what we say and will say the same sentence ten times over before we move on to something else. For example, right now she is telling daddy that it is raining.... over and over and over
  • We have started working on the ABCs, shapes and colors but she can only make it to E on her own but it's a start and we haven't made too much progress on colors quite yet. She knows a few of her shapes like circle, square, heart, and star.
  • Her favorite letters are E and O those are the only two she recognizes so far and if we walk past a sign that has an E on it she will yell "E Momma E!!"
This little girl has basically grown up over night I feel like! She is no longer a baby that is for sure! She is getting so smart and she has so much excitement for life it makes every day an adventure! She brings so much joy to everyone around her and we are so blessed to be her parents! 

As most of you know we are moving to SLC this month, Sam will be graduating the 17th and we will take a family trip to Gatlinburg and then off to Utah the next week for him to start work on the 28th! We are so excited/ anxious for our new adventure but definitely going to miss Nashville. We LOVE the people we have met here and LOVE the city so it will be hard to leave but so nice to be closer to family!