Monday, May 31, 2010

Hike to Battle Creek Falls

The other day we looked up a hike on the internet and found a really pretty hike up Pleasant Grove Canyon!
When we first started Cabo got huge stickers all over his paws. And decided it would be smart to eat them off of himself. That was when we had to take a ten minute break for Cabo to stop choking, drink water, and eat some grass for his upset stomach. After that little incident Cabo had a blast. He was our little mountain goat and never stopped climbing!

I got tired pretty fast but Samuel and Cabo kept me going. And I was glad that I did because it was a really pretty hike. We stopped at a waterfall for a break on the way up. The water fall was smaller then we expected it to be and we thought the waterfall would be the end of the hike but it was not even close! A little later on the hike we stopped by the creek and had a picnic! I was so glad we brought food because I was out of energy at that point! Well it was a good way to spend our Saturday and it was fun for all three of us!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

LaKe PoWeLl

Last weekend we went to Lake Powell with my family. We were a little nervous that it was going to be cold but the weather was beautiful just windy at times. We even got into the water but that was cold! We arrived at Bullfrog marina at 12:00 Thursday night. We then had to set up our tent in the dark. The first time we put it up it was surrounded by cactus so then we had to move it. We finally got to sleep but not until 2. Shawn woke us up bright and early and told us we had to move camp. We all complained but after we did we were glad because our new campsite was a lot better! Finally we were able to get out on the water and the first day we were there was the best weather! It was in the 90s and no clouds in the sky!
The next two days we weren't so lucky but we were able to get a little lake time each day! The first day we were able to wake-board and Samuel stood up on the knee board which impressed us all! :)
On Saturday we got to see "Nemo" take its first voyage. This is my Uncle Mikes houseboat that he is fixing up.It took us about a half an hour to get out of the docking area because only one motor fired up. We were just glad that it floated and we got it to its dock on the water and it will need a few more repairs before its next trip. The rest of the day we spent playing on the beach and then back at camp. It was a little too windy to be out on the water anymore. Even Grandpa Young made it out to Powell on Saturday to see Nemo float.

Cabo loved playing on the beach with Poco and Fancy but still hates the water. He really did love Powell though and cried when we started to pack up our things or maybe he was sad that he wouldn't get anymore of grandmas treats.
Overall, it was a great trip and we LOVE LAKE POWELL!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


We now have a doctor in the family! Paul graduated from dental school last weekend!! I had class on Friday so right after class we drove straight to Vegas and made it just in time to see Paul graduate!! After graduation we went with the family to Lucille's BBQ. It was delicious but not nutritious! : )

The next day I wanted to see the famous Reservoir that Sam always talks about so we took the dogs to the lake and had a picnic out there. Right when Sam opened the door Downey took off for the water. and once Sam threw a stick for her there was no stopping! She loves the Reservoir! Cabo on the other hand, had to get put into the water and almost sank. He is not much of a swimmer yet and really did not care for the water!

Later that night we helped Kaitlin get ready for Prom. I watched her get her hair done and Sam updated her date on the Jazz/Lakers game... we were a big help! We tried to send Cabo as a chaperon but he didn't have a tux... at least they let him get a picture with them! Kaitlin looked beautiful as always and said she had a blast at Prom!

It was a lot of driving in just a few days but it was fun to be with the family for these two big events... graduation and prom!

Sunday, May 2, 2010



Cabo hates when we get in the shower. but what he hates even more is when we put him in the shower with us! We don't get it he wants to be with us but once he gets in he HATES it but he still whines for us every time we get in!


Today we found this one out. We decided he needed a summer haircut and decided we could do this all by ourselves.
One cheap pair of hairclippers + one dog + Lyric and Sam = One Bad Hair Day... or month!
By the way the picture does not do justice of how bad this turned out! but we still think he is adorable anyways and we saved $40.00. :)


Even though he could simply jump over your leg or go around Cabo can be entertained for hours by scratching at your leg to get his toy! Or even worse a treat! He will do ANYTHING to get a treat! FAT KID!


We all know that Cabo loves Grandpa Shawn but he DOES NOT love the vest he got him! That may be because it is a little big and when we put it on he can barely move but when we get it out he runs for the hills!


This was also discovered today when Lyric decided to take him outside and he took off after a girl on a bike into the street! This gave mom a scare so she decided to put his leash on him! And he threw a FIT! He cried and laid down and WOULD not move! This is something that may take time getting use to!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cabo San Leatham

We have a new addition to our family... Our Honeymoon baby! His name is Cabo and was born Feb. 4th, 2010. He looks a little like his mom but acts like his dad! :) Which means he is almost potty trained! He is 3 lbs. as of yesterday and SO cute! We have had a lot of fun with this new puppy. We took him camping in Moab, played at the park, took him to the fair in Logandale, and took him to our physiology class in a purse. While in Logandale Downey tried to teach Cabo how to play fetch but Cabo was too interested in the new baby ducks that were in the Leatham's backyard. He got a hold of one of the little ducks and felt pretty Bad A. That is probably the only thing little Cabo can beat up on but Sam got the little duck from him before any damage was done or before the mother duck got Cabo. Cabo loves other dogs but especially Duke! He thinks he is Dukes puppy and likes that this big dog just lets him climb all over him! Poco on the other hand will chase him around so he loves to play with Poco because he is a little more fun then big old Duke. Cabo will do anything for a treat and yesterday we took him to the Vet and he didn't even notice until after the shots were over that he had been stuck by a needle because he was too busy eating a treat. The vet was so surprised how well he did but we just knew it was because he is a fat kid at heart!