Tuesday, April 16, 2013

11 months old... NO WAY!

Maylee bug is now 11 months old! sooo CRAZY! Her growing up is so much fun but definitely happening too fast for my liking! Why can't she just be my little baby forever... growing up is overrated!

It is finally feeling like spring here and Maylee LOVES LOVES LOVES being outside! We go to the park a lot and take her little zebra for walks outside daily.

She has started to walk pretty well now and goes across the room before falling down. She loves being able to walk around outside now... you can tell she feels like such a big kid with her great big smile as she is walking around!

What Maylee likes and does not like at 11 months old....
  • She still LOVES playing with Jimmer.. but not so much other dogs now. She gets a little nervous around bigger dogs. 

  • Her favorite food is probably spaghetti and of course chocolate : )
  • Every once in awhile she will actually sit still and watch parts of a movie with us... this doesn't last long but it is a nice break while it lasts.
  • She is very proud of herself for being able to walk and so are her parents and we love showing her off! 
  • She has started to give kisses when you ask for them.
  • She could play outside all day... she loves playing with rocks and tasting everything that she can get her hands on (this is my least favorite part about being outside). 
  • She loves to slide down the slide at the park. 
  • She climbs up and down in her pink chair probably a 100 times a day.... it is turning into her new favorite toy. Who would have known a chair could be so much fun!
  • She is still taking two naps a day but is starting to think one nap is enough and fights her morning naps.
  • She can say ma ma and da da but doesn't use them for our names yet. She knows to say da da when I show her a picture of Sam but she just knows that is what she is supposed to say to that one particular picture... such a people pleaser!
  • She has started to carry around her snack container and can feed herself them... at first this was more of a mess than helpful but she is starting to get a hang of it and that you are not supposed to throw them everywhere. 

  • She usually has a weekly play date with other kids her age in the ward and she loves being around them!
  • She does not like rainy days and throws a fit when I don't put her down when we take Jimmer outside... she doesn't mind playing in the water but her mean mama won't let her. 
  • She hates when we take away her pacifiers after nap time (she is supposed to leave them in her crib) so now when we go in there she hurries and gathers them all up so that when we take the one from her mouth she has a few extra in her hands :) such a smarty pants! 
  • She has started to climb on to her little zebra and bounces so we will push her around and a few days ago she climbed on to my back and bounced until I gave her a horsey ride... such a silly girl!
  • The only time she will calmly sit in our laps and  relax is if we watch youtube videos on our phone... she will snuggle right up! She enjoys watching Baby Einstein videos and Sesame Street best!
 Basically this little girl is growing up so fast and is such a happy girl and so much fun to play with! She has a lot of energy and  is usually go go go all day! She keeps us busy and we love every minute of it! Happy 11 month birthday Maylee girl!!